Real Estate Development


Real estate development, both residential and commercial, along with business development are key factors in the economic health and growth of southeast Arizona, most particularly our own Cochise County.  

The Southeast Arizona Economic Development Group (SAEDG) is fortunate to have access to the Cochise College Center for Economic Research results and subsequent reports. According to the Cochise College website:  “The Cochise College Center for Economic Research (CER), founded in 1995, is dedicated to analyzing and interpreting economic information and educating residents of Cochise County on the local, state, and national economy. The CER provides economic and demographic information, analysis, and forecasting to help community leaders in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors make informed decisions.”

Robert Carreira, Ph.D. is the Director of Cochise College’s Center for Economic Research and he consistently offers current information regarding the Cochise County’s economic news.  Here you can read the most current press releases published by Dr. Carreira. 

The Center produces four annual publications which include:

Each of these publications includes strategic information regarding housing, real estate, and commercial construction specific to the city and general information for Cochise County.


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SAEDG Real Estate Development