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Originally known as ‘Maley’, Willcox was founded in 1880 as a whistle-stop on the Southern Pacific Railroad.  It was renamed in honor of a visit by Orlando B. Willcox in 1889. The town was incorporated in 1915.

Willcox has maintained its rural lifestyle through a strong agricultural and ranching economy. The Willcox Regional Economic Development Alliance, the City of Willcox and the Willcox Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture are very committed to sustainable growth and development in Willcox and the surrounding region. We want to help you get to know Willcox and the surrounding areas and help make it the right fit for your business.

 Willcox is the home of Simflo Pumps, a large pump fabricator and manufacturer, and Eurofresh Tomatoes, the largest greenhouse tomato producer in the world. Businesses like these have chosen Willcox because of the reasonable price of land, good water, and access to major utilities.


Photos courtesy of City of Wilcox